Review: Jacamo Southbay Jacket

The lovely people at Jacamo sent me this Southbay Jacket (RRP £60.00 – available in navy, tan and burgundy) earlier this week and I was both impressed and surprised. Jacamo hasn’t been known as one of the coolest brands for young men, however I have to contest any negativity towards the brand, as this jacket, from overall style to quality, is just fantastic!

Jacamo Southbay Jacket

The tartan lining is very on-trend and incredibly soft, and the cut of the jacket is perfect. I wear a size small and there’s enough room for a t-shirt and nice chunky jumper underneath, and then the fit is rather snug with a slightly tailored appeal, which I really like. It’s a nice change not to have a winter jacket that is really, really chunky and makes you look like a bit of a frump.

Most importantly, this jacket does its intended job and is very warm but not so puffy that it leaves me sweating on the train on the way to work on those chilly mornings. I would even highly recommend this or something similar for a lightweight, warm coat for those evenings on the town or down the pub, as there’s plenty of pockets for your wallet and phone, too!

Take a look at more great options for a men’s winter jacket via the Jacamo website.

Images courtesy of Jacamo

Review: Tony Parsons’ ‘The Family Way’

“Three sisters. Three couples. Six men and women struggling with sex, love and the meaning of family.”

This week I read Tony Parsons’ ‘The Family Way’ and I really, really enjoyed it. No matter what anyone says, there’s definitely plenty of emotion and drama throughout the book, and the story keeps you hooked as you continuously wonder what will happen next and how things will end. You’re invested in the lives of the characters. Better yet, ‘The Family Way’ is very real. Parsons deals with real life situations that any of us could experience, and that’s what makes this book such a great read.

If you love emotion, drama and hard-hitting realism all thrown into one, this book is for you.

‘The Family Way’ by Tony Parsons, £5.95.

Review: Original Source Shower Gel

I recently started using Original Source shower gel and I’ve completely fallen for it. Vegan and all natural, this is a shower gel that smells absolutely wonderful and feels great on the skin, regardless of the aroma. There’s so much option, so you’ll definitely fine one you like, whether it’s lime, mint & tea tree or lavender & tea tree… There’s something for everyone!

My skin is quite sensitive, so I’m happy to reveal that Original Source shower gel doesn’t leave me red and blotchy, but instead tingly and smelling rather lovely.

At £2.20 for 250ml from Tesco (sometimes even cheaper when it’s on offer), this is a bargain!

Original Source Shower Gel

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Images courtesy of Original Source