For Men: Burton 2 Piece Blue Textured Tailored Fit Suit

Guys, if you’re after an affordable suit because you’re going to a one-off formal gathering or have started a new job and don’t want to splurge just yet, look no further than Burton. I really like this 2 piece blue textured tailored fit suit, because it gives you great shape and quality, but it’s just £99! Now that’s a bargain…

Burton 2 Piece Blue Textured Tailored Fit Suit

2 Piece Blue Texture Tailored Fit Suit by Burton Menswear, £99.99.

Images courtesy of Burton Menswear

Love This: Levi’s Men’s Vineyard Green Windbomber

Most people just think “denim” when they think Levi’s, however Levi’s offer so, so much more than jeans and denim jackets… They have some beautiful jackets that are not denim, too!

I’ve absolutely fallen for this vineyard green Windbomber jacket. Everything from the green to the casual, slightly more trendy bomber style grabbed me. But what really made me fall in love is the £71.90 sale price. What a bloody bargain!

Levi's Men's Windbomber Jacket

Windbomber Jacket by Levi’s, £71.90.

Images courtesy of Levi’s

What to wear to a wedding?

This week’s tip is on what to wear to a wedding! Here I go…

Firstly, girls… If you’re not part of the wedding, such as the bride, bridesmaid or maid of honour, keep it simple! You don’t want to overshadow those important people on the bride’s special day. Stick to a simple shift dress, either plain colour or a simple print (nothing too garish!), a sophisticated mini dress, or something with subtle pleats. Pair whatever you’re wearing with some contrasting heels and a clutch bag for practicality.

Simple, a little sexy and definitely sophisticated is what it should be! Here’s one piece I really love…

Viktor & Rolf Ruffle Mini Dress

Ruffle Mini Dress by Viktor & Rolf, £1,546.98.

Now, guys… Again, if you’re not in the wedding, you just want a simple 2 or 3 piece suit. Although, if you’re just going to the reception, a pair of smart jeans and a long-sleeve pastel-coloured shirt is perfect. Here’s a 3 piece suit I really love…

Burton 3 Piece Chambray Slim Fit Suit

3 Piece Chambray Slim Fit Suit by Burton Menswear, £154.00.

Images courtesy of Farfetch & Burton Menswear

For Men: HUGO Business Bag ‘Rotterdam’

I’m not crazy about Hugo Boss clothing, however I absolutely love Hugo Boss accessories! And I bet I’m not the only one…

This HUGO black leather business bag is a favourite of mine. It’s sophisticated and looks fantastic with its sleek embossed soft leather. Better yet, it has plenty of pockets for storage, giving it the edge for the office, and will undoubtedly look superb next to a pristinely tailored shirt and a pair of crisp black trousers.

Business bag 'Rotterdam’ made of leather by HUGO

Business Bag ‘Rotterdam’ by HUGO, £400.00.

Images courtesy of Hugo Boss