Music Monday: Marina and The Diamonds – “I’m a Ruin”

It’s no secret that I have a total crush on Marina Diamandis of Marina and The Diamonds. I love everything about her, from her style to her incredible voice and bubbly attitude. Let’s be best friends, Marina? Please?!

Now, less of the crazy and more about the music…

Marina’s new album, “FROOT” is coming together rather nicely, and I’ve been blown away with what’s been released so far, with “Happy” and “Immortal” offering minutes of beautiful, thought-provoking harmony, to “FROOT” itself, which is so camp and so, so good. However, one of my favourites to date is “I’m a Ruin”, and it finally has a brilliant video to accompany it – and that’s what I’m sharing with you for this week’s Music Monday.

Have a listen, indulge, get hooked…

Listen to more of Marina’s incredible music on the official Marina and The Diamonds YouTube channel.


Music Monday: Max Frost – ‘White Lies’

Max Frost’s ‘White Lies’ is one of my ultimate feel good tracks. It’s the song I put on when I’m in a slightly hyper mood or when I’m just having an awesome day for no apparent reason. It’s the perfect track for summer when the sun is beaming and you’re hanging out with friends, having a BBQ and a few drinks.

Have a listen…