For Women: Jil Sander Simple Sandals

Just as I mentioned that simple sandals for summer are key for guys, they are just as important for you girls, too. Easy to wear on the beach, to work or just out with friends, these Jil Sander sandals are just about as simple as they get, but they’re perfect.

Simple sandals like these are easy to pair with anything, so make sure you grab yourself a pair this summer.

jil sander simple sandals

Simple Sandals by Jil Sander, £464.69.

Images courtesy of Farfetch

Love This: Black Chunky Strap Flatform Mules

I’m not a massive fan of River Island, however, every now and then, their shoes grab me. I love these black chunky flatform mules – perfect if you’re looking to add a hint of grunge to a simple summer ensemble. Pair these with flirty floral dress or some denim shorts and a white blouse, and you’re ready to rock!

River Island Black Chunky Strap Flatform Mules

Black Chunky Strap Flatform Mules by River Island, £50.00.

Images courtesy of River Island

For Men: Rick Owens Men’s Black Flip Flops

Rick Owens has always been a favourite of mine for men’s footwear. For summer, these £58.00 men’s black flip flops are ideal. They’re sturdy, ensuring they’ll last you the next year or two, and they look simple but stylish, which is exactly what you need in the warmer months when overdressing isn’t an option.

Rick Owens Men's Black Flip Flops

Men’s Black Flip Flops by Rick Owens, £58.00.

Images courtesy of oki-ni

Love This: Topshop LUTHER Skinny Sandals

I don’t think it’s a secret that Topshop shoes are certainly not the best quality, usually lasting my friends just months, however that doesn’t mean I can’t admire them. These pastel blue sandals are cute and preppy, and would look fantastic paired with a white summer dress, shorts or a pastel ensemble. Perfect for lunch or a shopping trip with the girls!

Topshop LUTHER Skinny Sandals

LUTHER Skinny Sandals by Topshop, £52.00.

Images courtesy of Topshop

Love This: Zara Sandal with Buckles

A good pair of sandals for summer is a must! These brown leather sandals from Zara are the perfect choice for your dapper gentleman. Looking great with a pair of chinos or tailored shorts, or even some board shorts, these are a fantastic, versatile and affordable option for the beach this season.

Zara Sandal with Buckles

Sandal with Buckles by Zara, £29.99.

Images courtesy of Zara

Love This: Miista “Isabella” Pink

London-based women’s footwear brand Miista is one of my favourites, and I absolutely adore their “Isabella” style, shown here in pink, but also available in mint and lavender.

Pastel tones is right up there as one of my favourite recurring trends, and Miista is, without doubt, doing it perfectly. With a brushed antique leather finish and a contrast wood and Lucite heel, these give a punch of soft, charming beauty.

Miista Isabella style heeled sandals pink

“Isabella” Heels by Miista, £225.00.

Images courtesy of Miista

Love This: LANVIN Contrast Sole Trainer

A pair of LANVIN trainers is something I’d always be more than happy to invest in, and this particular pair is a pair I love, mainly for its contrast yellow sole. It’s made from calf leather and features a classic round toe and lace-up fastening.

Considering I tend to gravitate towards darker colours, such as black and grey, the majority of the time, spring and summer is a time I like to try and add a dash of colour to my wardrobe, and I think these could be perfect to do just that!

LANVIN men's contrast sole trainer

Contrast Sole Trainer by LANVIN, £341.86.

Images courtesy of Farfetch