10 British Contemporary Artists to Watch

Those who know me will know I’m a massive fan of contemporary art – I even write a contemporary art blog, called Art Blog Daily – and that’s why I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite British contemporary artists, who I think you should definitely keep an eye on. They’re incredible, I promise!

1. Paul Cooklin

Paul Cooklin

Paul is a fantastic landscape photographer, photographing beautiful sights around the UK and further afield. His work is entirely black and white, and he captures tone perfectly. If it’s black and white photography you love, Cooklin’s work may be your new obsession. I won’t apologise.

2. Patrick Palmer

Patrick Palmer

Patrick Palmer studied at Heatherley’s School of Art in London and The National College of Art and Design, Dublin. He now lives and works in Windsor, Berkshire.

Patrick is an incredible drawer, predominately drawing portraits. Everything from the detail to the striking colours will impress.

3. Oliver James Watt

Oliver James Watt

Amazingly, Oliver James Watt is a self-taught abstract painter who started painting at a very young age. A lot of his work is monotone, but interesting. Oliver was born in Suffolk, but he currently lives and works in London.

4. Jessica Slater

Jessica Slater

“Jessica Slater is a Cardiff School Of Art And Design graduate and currently lives and works in Cornwall, United Kingdom. She specialises in abstract paintings.”

Jessica’s use of colour and shape as one is just breathtaking, and everything she does makes you think a little bit more.

5. James Lucas

James Lucas

James is an abstract painter who loves to use colour. His work tends to be very busy, but it’s beautiful. Lucas lives and works in Nottingham.

“Colour and surface texture dominate my work. I work with rich vociferous colours in complex swathes, layers and trails of paint.”

6. Gina Parr

Gina Parr

“Gina Parr’s painted and photographic work uncovers complex connections and disconnections within form and landscape, explicitly questioning the relationship between chance and control.”

Gina’s work is unlike anything I’ve seen before… It’s incredible! I love the techniques she uses.

7. George Antoni

George Antoni

Perhaps a secret love affair of mine, the work of George Antoni is at the top of my list in terms of artists I would love to own numerous pieces from. George’s work is simple, but that’s what makes it for me. Subtle shapes and bold colours applied perfectly, but always varying.

8. Geoffrey Pimlott

Geoffrey Pimlott

“My work explores the shape of colour and the colour of shape through arbitrary geometric compositional arrangements that intend to engage the visual senses with their rhythms and sequences. ”

Born in 1946, Geoffrey Pimlott is a Wimbledon College of Art graduate. Geoffrey’s work is strong on bold shapes and colours, and his use of asymmetric patterns is really interesting.

9. Claire Pestaille

Claire Pestaille

Another secret love affair of mine, Claire’s work is beautiful. I absolutely love contemporary collage, and Pestaille’s work is some of the best I’ve seen and fallen in love with.

“Taking ownership of images from the past through the act of collage, my work establishes relationships and connections between the existence of one image and it’s marriage with another.”

10. Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens

Chris Stevens studied Fine Art at the University of Reading. He paints very detailed portrait paintings and is fantastic when it comes to tone and an on-point portrayal of different scenes and individuals.

Do you have a favourite?

See more contemporary art on Art Blog Daily, and find out more about the mentioned artists on the British Contemporary Art Association‘s website.

Images courtesy of the British Contemporary Art Association

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