5 Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Finding Christmas gifts, whether they’re for your mum, dad, grandma, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend or brother/sister, can be a nightmare (believe me, I know), so I’ve put together a list of 5 great Christmas gift ideas (hopefully covering all angles) to give you an idea of what to get your loved ones this year:

Tea For Two Set from Cornishware (£50.00)

Blue Tea For Two Set from Cornishware

Does your mum or grandma love anything kitsch and homely? In that case, the very sweet kitchenware from British company Cornishware could be a brilliant gift. I really like the blue Tea For Two Set (also available in red), which includes a tea pot, milk jug and two mugs. Perfect!

Men’s 506 Regular Fit Jeans from Levi’s (£75.00)

Men's 506 Regular Fit Jeans from Levi's

I don’t know about you, but my dad’s a typical man who tends to like easy gifts, like jeans or a jumper. I usually opt for jumpers, so this year I’m thinking I’ll go jeans, but a nice pair, such as these regular fit jeans from Levi’s. They’ve got a fit he likes (fairly relaxed – nothing overly “trendy”) and a nice, subtle wash. Plus, they look like all the cheaper jeans he has but will probably last much longer, so they’re a practical gift, too.

Pastel Birds Scarf in White from Lisa Angel (£14.00)

Pastel Birds Scarf in White from Lisa Angel

My best friends are a lovely group of girls I’ve known since school, but I still find it difficult to find a gift for Christmas, or even their Birthday, that I know for sure they’ll love. However, I just bought one of my friends a beautiful printed scarf from British brand Lisa Angel (also very affordable at just £14) for her Birthday, and I don’t see how she won’t love it. Lisa’s scarves are really pretty and they’re very seasonal, with the winter months just around the corner and all. One of these will make a great Christmas gift!

Sterling Silver Star Ring from Alison Moore (£45.00)

Women's Sterling Silver Star Ring from Alison Moore

For your girlfriend or sister, this handmade sterling silver ring from designer Alison Moore is a lovely option. It’s priced very reasonably and is something that the recipient would wear for a long, long time, so it’s definitely worth spending the pennies.

Also, take a look at Alison’s hammered heavy unisex silver ring (£60), which could be great for your boyfriend or brother.

Men’s Hooded Two-tone Jumper from Bershka (£39.99)

Men's Hooded Two-tone Jumper from Bershka

I have 3 brothers, so I can sometimes be a little lazy when it comes to buying them gifts. Often, they’ll just get some nice chocolate or a DVD, however if I’m feeling generous they might get clothes. I’m never 100% on what they like, but I usually just try to buy things I think will suit them and include the receipt, just in case they don’t like it. It’s usually the best way to do it. This men’s hooded jumper from Bershka is quite a nice option I think they would like, so this or something similar would make a nice gift this Christmas.

Good luck shopping for your loved ones this Christmas! I hope I’ve helped. Let me know how you get on!

Images courtesy of Cornishware, Levi’s, Lisa Angel, Alison Moore & Bershka

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