Review: Paradigma Footwear Men’s Navy Tassel Loafers

Last week, the lovely people over at Paradigma Footwear sent me these beautiful shoes. Firstly, I adored them simply because they are handmade in Portugal. Secondly, I realised I loved everything else about them, too. They’re versatile and INCREDIBLY comfy, which is really, really important to me. I’m not someone who’ll wear a pair of shoes that hurt just because they look good. That’s not fashion; that’s stupidity.

I figured I’d most probably pair these with a navy suit for a stylish work look in the office, but then throw them on with a pair of navy chinos and a white or pastel blue shirt for a slightly more relaxed day look when I’m just pottering about with friends.


Paradigma Footwear Men’s Navy Tassel Loafers

See more great styles from Paradigma Footwear via its website.

Images courtesy of Paradigma Footwear

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