Ask The Designer: Lena Ivanova of IVANOVA

This week I asked designer Lena Ivanova of Ukrainian womenswear brand IVANOVA, “what is the most difficult thing about being a designer?” and she responded with…

Lena Ivanoa

“For me, being a designer is not very difficult as I absolutely love my job! The most exciting moment is the fashion shows. This is the most important time for me as it’s the time when I assess my achievements and failures. Fashion shows are both the best and the worst moments of my life. The best because the collection finally comes to life and all the work from the past 6 months pays off. It’s like your baby has been born! The reason it can be the worst moment is because anyone who is creative is dependent on the assessment of the critics and of others’ opinions. A negative comment can kill you instantly.

I know I shouldn’t but I always search the web the day after the shows to find reviews of the collection. So far, everything’s been fairly positive, however presenting my collection to an audience and hearing their honest feedback is still very difficult for me. That’s the most difficult thing about being a designer… Relying on the opinions of others and needing positivity to succeed.

Every time you show it feels like it’s the first time!”


Images courtesy of IVANOVA

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